Study of projects

Online cantor -

The role of our team was to prepare a modern application running in the browser, supporting work on mobile devices for the purchase of currency online.

It was necessary to migrate the old solution based mainly on a database and environment written with PHP to a modern solution based on restful api. An additional complication was the need to keep the old application fully operational during the transition period before clients migrated to the new system.

The start of the project consisted of analyzing the existing solution and preparing a POC (proof of concept) project in which we provided an initial webapi service solution that allowed transactions to be concluded while the old system was still running.

After acceptance, the client decided that we would proceed with the new project. We designed an intermediary layer between the old system and the new one, and began transferring the logic of key operations that had previously been contained in the database engine’s stored procedures. This solution was extremely difficult to maintain, although once necessary due to the merging of 2 technologies implemented by different IT vendors.

In parallel, we redesigned all views from scratch and the prepared mock-ups were sent to the service managers for approval.

The work was divided into 3 stages during which successive working versions of the service were delivered. Thanks to this approach, it was possible to introduce functional changes by the business whenever during the first tests they noticed that certain things should be done even better. After the final implementation, we conducted UX tests on users of the site. After their completion, some of the forms were simplified to make the site even more user-friendly.

Time reporting -

Timeroom - web application for time reporing

We have created a service dedicated to companies whose employees work different hours and the owner wants to systematize the collection of information about the things they work on and facilitate the process of calculating payments based on the working time reported by employees.

Service to replace furniture waste

Odpady meblowe - our project with furniture waste

During the production of customized furniture, large amounts of valuable waste remain. We have created a service dedicated to carpentry shops that makes it easy to manage the available waste at the carpentry shop.

FAS - Fast application start - open source framework

Our account on github with open source projects

We have created an open source project whose goal is to accelerate the development of business applications with a similar structure of users, accounts, registrations, etc. Check out how development with FAS looks like.