FAS - Fast application start framework

With our framework you will build an application faster

FAS – is a set of open source libraries prepared in C# , WPF and Angular programming languages, dedicated to developers.

The source code of the framework is available on github.

MySQL server is used as the primary database engine.

The framework was designed with “pluggable” architecture in mind, so if any implementation is not suitable for you, you can replace it using your own solutions and prepared interfaces.

Using FAS you can easily and quickly create a WebApi service which you can use to build applications using other technologies, for example :

  • Web application of SPA (single page application) type
  • Mobile application for IOS or Android using Microsoft MAUI
  • Desktop application e.g. using WPF

Allowing you to quickly and easily create an application that provides a ready-made set of :

  • user
  • company
  • email account

A set of basic services that provide functionality:

  • user registration
  • user login based on a token
  • password reset
  • sending emails (e.g. registration confirmation, or various scheduled messages)


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